Thursday, July 24, 2014

The begining is a very delicate time.

"Adventurers wanted! Only the brave need apply. Join the Concordium today! Applicants who pass will be rewarded with adventure, your share of the loot, good equipment with reasonable prices, and other benefits only the Concordium can supply."

 The newest Adventure Guild known simply as the Concordium, has posted its calling for brave and adventurous souls to join its ranks. Those who answered the call have traveled to the Eastern marches of Anuire, in the Gulf of Coeranys.

 Alden Dekker, an orphaned half elf, grew up in the Brecht city of Duam. He grew up the adopted son of a human locksmith, he learned a few in's and outs of the city life. When his father was mysteriously murdered, Alden hastily left town. With very little clues to his fathers killer, he booked passage to the Eastern Marches to the south. After a very long trip, Alden found himself in the gulf of Coeranys, and in need of work. Signing up to the Concordium seemed like a good idea at the time.
 Weedrum is young for his Dwarven years. Trying to live up to his fathers hard working ethics,He hopped the first caravan out of town. With his poorly put together armor and crummy sword, He's eager for adventure, exploring, and the chance to make a few coin. Signing up to the Concordium seemed like the best opportunity around.

 So begins the first adventure.

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